Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development
Call for Papers

The year 1948 saw a great calamity affect the Palestinian people including forced

 exodus from their homes and homeland and inflicted loss of wealth. To date many Palestinians still live as refugees in various countries and still experience serious poverty, even after the establishment of relief agencies such as UNRWA, meant to provide basic services (including health and work services) to Palestinians.

In an effort to help focus on such issue, Annals of Alquds Medicine (AQM) is participating in the Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development, which is planned by the Council of Science Editors for October 2007. Consequently, AQM is calling for papers on this theme, particularly in the healthcare sector. Papers should be of relevance to the Palestinian people (and people of the region).

Papers must be submitted by 01 Ramadan 1428 H to the editor-in- chief on with a letter requesting consideration for publication in the special theme issue on poverty and human development.

AQM’s instructions for authors may be accessed through the journal’s home page on: .

Further information about the Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development may be obtained from the webpage: .
I look forward to receiving your contribution(s).

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Dr. Haitham Idriss
Member of Advisory Board to
AnNajah University Faculty of Pharmacy.

Founder and Editor-In-Chief
Annals of Alquds Medicine
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